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Home-Buyers & Car-Buyers

1. Your HOME

Whether buying a home or selling your home, you get access to technology-driven, knowledgeable, and people-friendly local real estate agents participating in the NEW HOME NEW CAR® program. The agent you select with eagerly represent you as Buyer's agent and/or Seller's agent.

2. Your CAR

Local car dealers (all Makes and Models) will bring vehicles to the house you will be touring (as a Buyer) or staging (as the Seller). You can even test-drive the vehicle around the neighborhood. With many of the dealers, you can complete the purchase of the car (do all the paperwork) at your home so there is no need for you to go to the dealership.

3. Your MONEY

As a home buyer, if you will be borrowing funds to buy the home, you will be connected with loan officers from reputable lending institutions who will help with pre-approval or pre-qualification and the proper separation of your home loan and car loan. As a seller, if you need to borrow funds to repair and stage your house, you can be connected to lenders who can help (e.g. with Home Equity Line of Credit).

4. Your TEAM

To give you a true V.I.P. experience, your ''A'' team (agents, dealers, and lenders) may recommend or bring in other trusted industry professionals (your ''B'' team) as needed. These may include service providers of Inspection, Title, Escrow, Appraisal, Insurance, Accounting, and other services that are pertinent to the home-buying and the car-buying processes.

5. Your RANDY

To keep your NEW HOME NEW CAR® program fun and running smoothly, RANDY® Virtual Assistant will engage all parties with timely SMS and MMS text messages, email reports, and other Internet-based content. Also, at anytime you prefer, 24/7, you can engage RANDY the artificial intelligence Virtual Assistant via texting. RANDY® is a registered and proprietary trademark of ROGEE, Inc.

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How It Works

Agents, Dealers, Lenders


Use the online form to register your business with the NEW HOME NEW CAR® home-buying and car-buying program. Provide an authorized contact person, business name, address, email, and phone number. The information you provide should match your state license information.


Per States law, real estate sales, auto sales, and loan origination must be handled by licensed individuals and/or companies. The ROGEE Sales Team will vet the information you provide. If you are approved, you will be added to the list of Approved Service Providers for the NEW HOME NEW CAR® program.


Below are the charges and fees to become an Approved Service Providers for the NEW HOME NEW CAR® program.
  • Setup: $0
  • Monthly: $0
  • Commission: 30% of Agent's Commission
  • Invoice: At Escrow
  • Setup: $199
  • Monthly: $199
  • Invoice: Check, Bank ACH
  • Setup: $0
  • Yearly: $399
  • Invoice: Check, Bank ACH


When a consumer in your area uses the NEW HOME NEW CAR® website, your business will be presented to the consumer as an Approved Service Providers. Additionally, the ROGEE Support Team will call, email, or text you (your company), within 48 hours, with the consumer's information to make sure you engage the customer in a timely manner.

Consumer Account
Business Account

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The NEW HOME NEW CAR® program is a free service for all consumers: home-buyers, home-sellers, and car-buyers. Fill in the form below to create an account to find real estate agents, car dealers, and loan originators in your area.

Real estate agents, car dealers, and loan originators, to add your business to the NEW HOME NEW CAR® program, click here for a business registration form.

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